If you want to start printing 3D objects right away without having to own a bulky 3D printer or use any additional software, a 3D printing pen is what you need.

Interestingly, the best 3D pens of 2021 make printing 3D arts and objects easy without any additional cost.

Top 3D Printer Pens

Best 3D pen overall: MYNT3D Professional Printing 3D Pen

The MYNT3D Professional Printing 3D Pen is the best all-around 3D printer pen for professionals, kids and artist. MYNT3D pen review.

3Doodler create+ 3D pen image

Best for professional 3D printing: 3Doodler create+ 3D Printing Pen

3Doodler Create is the slimmest, lightest, and strongest 3D pen from 3Doodler. It is best for art, DIY projects, scale models and even decorative items. 3Doodler create+ review.

Best for beginners: 3DoodlerStart Essential 3D Pen

The 3DoodlerStart is an essential 3D printing pen for beginners. It is the safest 3D pen for kids under 12. 3DoodlerStart Essential review.

Best 3D pen for kids: 3DSimo Basic 3D Pen

The 3Dsimo Basic 3D pen is no doubt the best 3D pen for kids of all ages. 3DSimo basic review.

For those who are entirely new to 3D printing industry, lets quickly refresh our minds on what a 3d printing pen is and how it works.

What is a 3D Pen?

A 3D pen (also called “3D printing pen”, “3D printer pen”) is a handheld 3D printer pen that allows you to effectively draw in mid-air using filaments (melted hard plastics) to create a new kind of 3D art.

It is operated as a pen whereby you simply draw anything you have in mind, but unlike the regular pen, the 3D printing pen allows you produce an actual object which you can hold, touch and feel as it has text and weight.

3D pens are more economical than the huge and expensive 3D printers, hence, the reason for their high popularity amongst kids, hobbyists and artists.

Choose the best 3D pen for your 3D printing projects today

The best 3d printing pens are:

  1. MYNT3D Professional Printing 3D Pen (best overall)
  2. 3Doodler create+ 3D Printing Pen (professional)
  3. 3DoodlerStart Essential 3D Pen (for beginners)
  4. 3DSimo Basic 3D Pen (for kids)
  5. 3Dsimo multi pro (hobbyists)

Unlike traditional 3D printers, 3D pens let you move naturally to create and change designs as you go for maximum creativity. However, both the 3D printing pen and the 3D printer gives you the same creative power. That is, with either of them, you can print any 3D design and objects on your mind.

They’re also cheaper to buy, take varying types of filament (including some that are eco-friendly), and nowadays are even comfy to hold and use.

The Best 3D Pens in 2021 – Review and Recommendations

Below is a reviewed list of the top best 3D pens available for all categories of 3D printing enthusiasts, ranging from children, to professionals as they all cater for different level of individuals no matter your age or skill level.

Here then is a reviewed list of the best 3D pens in 2021:

1. MYNT3D Professional Printing 3D Pen – Best 3D pen overall

image of MYNT 3D Pro Printing Pen and its 3D printed object for MYNT 3D Pro Printing Pen review

The MYNT 3D pro printing pen is one of the slimmest and smallest 3D printing pens on the market. It’s sleek, neat and easily fits into your hands like a marker. It is one of the slimmest and smallest 3D printing pens on the market.

It is equipped with impressive features to help its users (you), realize what object you want to accomplish without any restrictions. The pen is fairly light and easy to use too.

MYNT 3D pro is a perfect pen for dimensional sculpting and it is especially fitting for adults. You can easily use it better to create various design concepts and bring it out of the paper.

The MYNT3D is very flexible too. It is practically compatible with any plastic. Most filaments are either made of ABS or PLA but if there are any wood or bronze infused filaments, then the MYNT3D can still use it to print out a model of your desire.

Key features

  • Comes with adjustable temperature by iterations of as low as one degree.
  • Uses a 2A cable with a USB end which enables you to easily connect it to your laptop or a power bank for better portability.
  • Minimum temperature of the printing pen is about 130 degree and goes all the way up to 240 degrees as its recommended temperature for each filament.
  • Has a LED screen display that shows you the temperature and the type of plastic filament you’re using.
  • Most filaments are either made of ABS or PLA.

The MYNT3D Pro also comes with an adjustable feed of material which allows the user to regulate the flow of the material for optimal control during design and the OLED screen helps monitor the temperature of the material in order to help achieve a variety of effects.


  • Very flexible as it is practically compatible with any plastic.
  • Relatively light and very easy to use.
  • Minimalistic design that makes the pen hard not to like.
  • Fits comfortably and naturally in the hands.
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty.
  • Mobility is barely limited because the pen itself is very light and movable.


  • The nozzle heats up which can be a danger-hazard for kids.
  • Works inconsistently.

In summary;
The MYNT 3D pro is a 3D printing pen that is designed to be user-friendly and safe for children and adults. For those who want an affordable and effective pen, MYNT3D Professional 3D Pen is a great choice.

2. 3Doodler create+ 3D Printing Pen – Best for professional 3D printing

image of 3Doodler create+ 3D printing pen complete set for 3Doodler create+ review

The 3Doodler Create+ is a beautifully and well-designed 3D printing pen which is built to give you the best doodling experience with greater durability, reduce chances of nozzle clogging, and better speed control.

It is regarded as the “first 3D pen” on the market which is an eye-catching piece of art that makes art, thus, making it a very good option for experienced artists. It is the world’s bestselling 3D doodle pen in the market as it has the ability to use different filaments, colors and the technology to back up your swift and solid doodling.

One great aspect about this mid-range priced object is the ease of use. It is a direct-to-the-point 3D Printing Pen that anyone can use, with no hassle at all. It is compatible with PLA, ABS and Flexy and has a new, faster, smoother and stronger control system.

Key features

  • Comes packed with 15 different colours of 3Doodler Create plastic refills & a comprehensive activity guide book
  • Compatible with 3Doodler Create 3mm PLA, ABS and Flexy Plastic only
  • Comes with an app called “3Doodle App
  • Equipped with a dual drive system (dual speed and temperature control) which allows you use it for detailed work
  • Comes with accessible and easy to press buttons to make 3D printing convenient
  • Allows you to use a variety of materials including matte, glossy, clear, glow, flexy and sparkle plastics

The design is very simple, its lightweight and easy to move around.

With 3Doodler create+, you can add accessories such as a drawing surface or a portable battery. There are 70 colours to pick from and you get 75 filaments included with this package.


  • Its slim design makes it easier for anyone to use.
  • Wide range of monochromatic colours.
  • Doodler comes with free projects and stencils.
  • Includes a 1-year warranty.
  • Instructions are clear and easy to comprehend.


  • The cord connecting this pen to the power adapter easily detaches from the 3Doodler.
  • No LED screens.
  • Only supports 3Doodler filaments.
  • Filaments can get jammed.
  • It is expensive when compared to the other 3D printing pen.

In summary;
3Doodler Create is the slimmest, lightest, and strongest new 3Doodler to date. It comes with an improved design for easier usage and a better drive system for a quieter and smoother operation thus making it a good option for hobbyists, crafters, artists, and professionals, alike. It is best for art, DIY projects, scale models and even decorative items.

3. 3DoodlerStart Essential 3D Pen – Perfect for beginners

image of a 3DoodlerStart 3D pen in its packaged box

The 3DoodlerStart as the name implies is ideal for anyone who is starting out with 3D printing, which of course in this case is with 3D pens.

Who is it great for?

It is essential for children under the age of 6 and above, who have the tendency to touch and mold anything plastic as a part of their creative process.

The 3DoodlerStart major selling point is the filament used, called “Ego Plastic” which is biodegradable and requires a much lower extrusion temperature than traditional filaments such as PLA or ABS, thus, making it extremely safe for children to touch the filament. It is not complex to use because it only has one speed and one temperature control.

Key features of 3DoodlerStart

  • It is designed with no hot parts, hence making it completely safe for children aged 6+. Pen nozzle and plastic can be touched with no burn risks.
  • It uses a proprietary child-friendly PCL plastic made at a production facility in Ohio.
  • Comes in a complete 3D kit which includes 3Doodler Start 3D Pen, Doodle Pad/Doodle mat, 2 Mixed-colour Packs of start plastics (48 Strands), Micro-USB Charger & Activity Guide + a ton of creative potential.
  • The 2020 edition of the 3Doodler Start comes with refined extrusion gears for a smoother 3D Drawing experience for children.
  • Specifically designed for children.
  • Comes with a 1year warranty.

This kid-safe 3D printing pen melts plastic that cools and hardens rapidly, allowing children to literally draw in the air. When your child uses this, all he has to do is plug the pin, insert the plastic and wait a little while for the 3D printer pen to heat up. Once it starts extruding, you can then start your 3D art printing.


  • Easy and fun to use.
  • Extremely safe to use.
  • Comes with everything children need to get started with 3D printing.
  • Comes with a rechargeable battery.


  • Cannot be used by professionals as they are more suited for fun endeavors rather than for professional work.
  • Unclogging process does not work all the time.

In summary, the 3DoodlerStart is a 3D printing pen that inspires creativity as kids explore their skills in designing, planning, building and spatial understanding, hence, it is perfect for STEM learning.

4. 3DSimo Basic 3D Pen – Best 3D pen for kids of all ages

image of 3DSimo Basic 3D Pen in its packaged box for 3DSimo Basic 3D printing pen review

The 3D pen 3DSIMO BASIC 3D pen is suitable for every age including children, just like the MYNT 3D junior, it also uses 1.75mm PCL filament.

The most striking feature of the 3D Simo Basic 2 is its interchangeable battery, which has a lifespan of up to two hours. This 3D pen uses a proprietary non-toxic filament blend with a low boiling point thus allowing it to maintain its safety claim when it comes to exposing the children to high temperatures.

The weight of this 3D pen is 73 grams. With the dimensions 150mm x 28mm x 22mm, it also fits in small hands.

Key features

  • Comes with replaceable batteries.
  • Comes with materials that are designed to keep children safe from toxicity and high temperatures.
  • Comes with an activity guide.


  • Long battery life
  • Wide range of colors of proprietary blend are available for children


  • Expensive when compared to other 3D printing pen for children

In summary;

The 3Dsimo Basic is a 3D printing pen which allows you to draw for a maximum of 3 hours form the 3D pen’s USB rechargeable battery.

5. 3D Simo multi–Pro – Great for multitaskers and hobbyists

image of 3D Simo multi Pro hobby pack 3D pen for 3D Simo multi Pro review

If you are looking to taking 3D printing to the next level, without spending much on a 3D printer or a 3D modelling software, you can look closer to a multi functional tool which is the 3D Simo multi Pro 3D printing pen.

As the name implies, it is a 3D pen that can be used for multiple purposes. 3D Simo multi pro is a perfect combination of style and functionality.

Key features

  • Comes with 280⁰ heat capacity
  • Comes with an LCD which guides you with instructions for usage
  • Capable of soldering, foam cutting, drawing and burning all at same time

The 3D simo Multi-Pro printing pen also serves its purpose as soldering, cutting and burning tool. It has attachment available such as drills, electric screwdriver, heat gun and saw. This 3D pen comes with an OLED screen display that can showcase basic tutorials for each of the attachments available. Each tutorial provides a small guide on how to use the tools properly for you to get the most out of your Multi-Pro.


  • Quite affordable if you are looking for a different tool capability.
  • Its ergonomic design makes it easy to use.


  • Expensive if you are looking for only a 3D printing pen.

In summary;
It is a 3D pen is the best 3D pen for multi takers as it can be used for multiple purpose such as soldering, burning, cutting out foam all at the same time.

3D Pens Buying Guide: How to Choose The Best 3D Printing Pen

Finding the best 3D pen is quite challenging, especially with the fact that, there are tons of manufacturers but only a few deliver and with everything comes safety in mind too. Also, take note that there are cheap 3D pens that work well and there are 3D printing pens particularly designed for kids.

To find the most suitable and best 3D printing pen for your 3D printing needs, the first thing to do is to have in mind what you need a 3D pen for, as well as your style.

You can either choose to go with the design, or choose based on performance.

Things to look out for when buying a 3D Pen:

  • Speed Settings.
  • How often the pen clogs.
  • Operating temperature range.
  • Pen cooling time.
  • Types of surfaces the product works on.
  • Wired or wireless connectivity: Does the pen work wirelessly?
  • Warranty.

Generally, 3D printing pens are safer to use compared to desktop 3D printers. You can see NIH comparison of 3D printing pen versus desktop 3D printers to see how eco-friendly 3D pens are, compared to the desktop printers for more on that.

Go for 3D pens that are eco-friendly and safe to use in the house or anywhere else, even by kids. Most of the best 3D pens we reviewed are safe to use, regardless of who is using it.

Do I need a software or computer program to produce a 3D object using a 3D pen?

While using a 3D pen, you won’t need any software or computer program to produce a 3D object. Simply use it like a regular pen and draw. A 3D pen allows you draw three-dimensional objects.


Before now, the 3D pen is mostly seen by a lot of persons as a gadget or a toy reserved for children who want to get into 3D printing. However, with the growing trend and global acceptance of 3D printing, it is clear that these 3D pens are becoming more popular and sophisticated, with more features and compatible materials.

When it comes to 3D printing, there are no limits, whether you are using a 3D printing pen or the 3D printer.

I hope this best 3D pen reviews and buying guide gives you an idea of which 3D pen is best for you and your 3D printing needs.