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This contact page is for Partnership, Advertising inquiries or to report technical problems.

PS: Due to the volume of messages we receive via the contact form (most of which are auto generated), It may take longer to respond to your requests. We have now disabled the contact form. For quick response, please use our available email addresses or text/WhatsApp channel.

Partnership, sponsorship and promotion

If you would like to partner with us, advert placement, sponsorship or anything that falls into this category, please contact our director of partnerships directly.

Email: von.vicky@ittvis.com

For “IDL and Envi” related issues or enquiries

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Feel free to text us directly on our WhatsApp helpline or phone support number (We do not store your number or text you afterwards, unless you message us again).

+1 (567) 248-5851
(WhatsApp, Helpline and support)