How to Create a Website in 2022 | Build Your Site, No Coding Required

A step-by-step guide that shows you how to make your own website easily.

Learn how to create a website in 10 minutes

So, how do you build a website for your business or personal brand?

Know this: There are many ways to create a website.

The easiest way to create a website is to use a website builder or content management system such as WordPress. Trusted website builders such as Wix and Squarespace offer simple and professional tools to design and host your website for business or personal brand, without coding.

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With a good website builder, the process of building your site is pretty simple: (1) Pick a website builder and signup for free to set up your website. (2) Choose a site template. (3) Edit and customize your website as you like. (4) Add design features you need to create everything from clean, simple websites to robust online stores. (5) Find and connect your domain. (6) Publish your website live.

If all that sounds confusing to you, don’t worry. In this beginner’s step by step guide to building a website, we walk you through every single step to create a website, with explanatory images and videos to guide you.

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Creating a website used to be difficult, well, not anymore. Today, you can build your own website in minutes, even if it’s your first time.

How to Build a Website in 6 Easy Steps

Follow these 6 simple steps to create a website today:

  1. Make a plan for your website’s structure, pages and content.
  2. Register a domain name for your website, business or brand. Ideally pick a .com.
  3. Use a good website builder (and hosting) to start and build your website.
  4. Add features you want. Optimize it for search engines.
  5. Connect your custom domain name.
  6. Publish and launch your website.

The step-by-step guide on this page shows you exactly how to make a website, using simple tools to design and host your website even if you’ve never built a website before, no technical knowledge or coding required.

Tools you need to create a professional website for business

In order to make a site for your business or brand, you need a few things:

  • A domain name ( A domain is the address people type into their browser to access your website i.e. Choose a domain name that fits your website purpose, business or brand.
  • Website builder and hosting: A do-it-yourself website builder such as Squarespace or Wix lets you create a website with no code required.
  • Visual content such as the text, videos, images, and other digital media that visitors will see when they come to your site.
Website building checklist icon

First things first, to create a successful website you first need to have a clear idea of the kind of website you want to create.

Ideally, make a plan for your website. Quickly take a few seconds to write down all of the crucial and necessary pages you want on your new website.

Image of newly built website as cover image to show how to create a website

Whether you want to build a free website for personal use or make a business website for your small business, the process is all the same. However, you’ll be required to do an upgrade if you wish to use your own custom domain name and other premium features on your site.

This makes sense if you’re creating a website for your business or personal brand and want it to look and feel professional.

Ready to make your first website in minutes?

How to Set up a Website: A Detailed Step by Step Guide Beginner’s Guide

A detailed step by step guide to build a small business website.

Step 1: Choose a good website builder (and hosting) to get started with your website setup

Whether you want to build a professional looking website for your small business, or create a personal/free website for your brand, well known website builder tool such as Wix, Squarespace and WordPress make it easy for even a beginner to create, build and design a professional looking website in minutes with no code required.

Website builders (also known as website creators or website makers) are tools that allows the construction of websites using drag and drop page editors without manual code editing.



Squarespace is a great website builder for creatives to create well-structured websites.

What kind of websites its best for?

  • Use Squarespace if you want to create a website that’s great for photography, artistic, restaurant and creatives.
  • If you would like to sell your crafts or products online from your website.

(Link opens in a new tab, so that you can practice as you learn to build your website).



Wix is a popular and easy to use website builder for small businesses to build professional looking small business websites.

Type of websites it’s great for?

  • Use Wix if you want to build a basic website that looks professional for your small business.

Want to see more website builder and hosting options?

To set up and build your website using a website builder:

#1. Open your preferred website builder platform to get started.

Click here to open the Wix website builder (link will open in a new tab so that you can continue to follow while you practice).

#2. Click the “Get Started” button.

Screenshot image of how to get started building your website using a web builder
Click on the “get started” button as shown

Click on the “Get Started” button you see on the homepage. It will prompt you to sign up for an account or login if you already created an account.

#3. Create a site builder account by entering your email and password.

Sign up for a free website builder account by entering your email and password. Upon completion, your website builder account and dashboard to manage your websites have successfully been registered. The process is the same for any website builder you choose to build your website with.

Don’t do anything else at this stage. Ignore the rest of the other things or pages you will see and go to your email inbox, there should be a message from Wix there, asking you to confirm your email address.

#4. Complete your website builder and hosting setup by confirming your email address.

Confirm your email address by clicking on the link given to you from Wix.

Upon confirmation of your email address, you will be taken to your website builder dashboard where all websites you create can be accessed.

#5. Click on the “Create New Website” button at the top right of your screen to start building your website.

Step 2: Select the kind of website you want to create

Upon clicking the “Create a new website” button, you will see a dropdown list of different site types to choose from. Select the kind of website you want to create.

Screenshot image of all the kinds of sites you can build, with expert advice on how to select the kind of website you want to create
Decide on the kind of website you want to create, and select the best option for your website

If you are creating a website for your business, select business. If it is a photography website, choose photography and if it is a simple site for your organization choose organization. There are various options presented, just choose what best describes the type of website you are creating.

For most web builders, the next thing to do at this stage would be to select a design template (step 3). However, it’s not the case for Wix users.

If you are using Wix, after selecting the type of website you want to create, you will be presented with two options to choose how you want to create your new website.

Option 1: Let Wix ADI

With this option, you literally don’t have to do anything except answer a few questions and your site will be set up automatically based on the things you want. The ADI is an Artificial Design Intelligence, and just like A.I., it designs your website for you automatically.

Choose this option if you want no stress at all and like automation.

Option 2: Choose a website template

This is the traditional way of building websites; you are presented with different design templates. You will have to select from different website templates and designs that appeal to you and then edit by changing or adding texts, images, videos and more.

Choose the template option if you want to be more involved in your website creation process.

Because I like to be involved in my website design, appearance and UX (user experience), I’ll choose to edit and customize my website template to suit my style.

Step 3: Select a free website template, customize and design your site layout

Choose from a variety of stunning free and customizable HTML website templates to build, structure and design your website to meet your business needs.

screenshot image with all site's templates menu highlighted to show how to select a template for your site
  • Select the industry or category your site fits into and browse through a catalog of customizable web design templates to find the one you like.
  • Click “View” to preview the website; this gives you a complete display of what your website would look like.
  • If you like the website layout and design structure, click “Edit” to begin your website customization.

You can select anything of your choice or any website design template that appeals to you.

Step 4: Add features you need to power your business

After selecting your site template, the next thing will be to edit and customize your new site as you want.

Add design features such as text, galleries, videos or anything else you want. Add a logo if you already have one, or get a professional logo designed for you for as little as $5 from Fiverr.

Design your site as you like, build a website your visitors will love.

Don’t forget to always preview after you make any change, and if it is looking good, then save always.

Don’t worry about perfection, it doesn’t have to be perfect immediately, you can always add or remove things from your website later on. Just familiarize yourself first with the website builder user interface and environment.

If your website is basic enough with all necessary things click “Save” or “Publish” button.

(optional): Add design features you need to enhance your website functionality

Creative website design idea icon

To make your website stand out and even look more professional, add design features you need. You can do all of these from your website builder dashboard easily.

Use your creative ideas to design your website like a professional, add features you need and launch your online business with ease.

At this point, you can add anything you feel you need on your website.

Add a logo

Add a custom designed logo to make your brand stand out. Use a free logo maker to design a logo yourself (temporary), or hire a pro graphic designer for cheap, to do a well-designed brand logo for you.

Add booking system

If you are building a service rendering website, add an online booking system that lets people book you online. A booking system also comes in handy if you are building a website for your restaurant.

Add an online store to your website

Build a website that allows you to sell online and receive payments. If you want to start selling online from your website, add an online store to your website.

Adding Ecommerce to your website helps you expand your business reach. Add an ecommerce feature to receive payments from your online store.

Design your website as you like, build a website your visitors will love. Add professional features you want to your website from your site builder apps store.

Step 5: Connect your custom domain name

After your initial design and site customization, click “Save” to save your work.

Upon clicking the save button, you will be presented with two options; the first is to use a free website domain and the second is to use your own custom domain name.

Screenshot image of free and custom domain options highlighted with pointer on how to choose a custom domain name for your website

Choose the custom domain option if you wish to use your own custom domain i.e

If what you want is to create a free website then use the free wix domain option and continue with the rest process.

But if you are creating a real website for your business, personal branding or organization, then you are better off with the custom domain option. This way, your website address takes your domain name.

After selecting the custom domain option, you will then be directed to a page where you can either use a new domain (if you do not already have a domain name) OR connect your existing domain name (if you already have a domain name registered with another domain registrar).

screenshot image with tips showing how to connect custom domain to your site

Option 1: Get a new domain name
Select this option if you do not currently own an already existing domain name and want to register a new domain for your website.

option 2: Connect to a domain you already own

If you already own a domain registered somewhere else, select this option. You will be guided on how to connect the domain name to your newly created website.

Next is to select a web hosting package and plan suitable for your website.

Choose any of the website hosting plans that appeals more to you. For business websites, choose the unlimited business plan. You can, however, choose any plan you like.

If, however, you want to be able to accept online payment from your website or sell products online via your website, then select the business and ecommerce plan.

With each plan you choose, you will get a free domain for 1 year (only if you choose to pay annually).

Step 6: Publish your website and go live

Publish website

So, you’ve built your website from scratch using a great website builder, chosen a nice-looking website template and customized it to give you a good website design.

The next thing now is to get the website online and make it accessible for anyone to see when they type in your site address into their browser.

  • To get your website live online, simply click on the “publish website button” on your website dashboard and your site will go live and ready to function.

Congratulations, you have successfully created a website and now know how to make your own website for your business, crafts, organization, services or anything else.

You can continue to build out different pages you need on your website, add texts, images, medias and anything else you like over time.

The process never stops. Building a website is a continuous process, as new events and things happen every day, the need for a constant website update is inevitable.

Website Creation Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to some of the most frequently asked questions on website creation and how to create a website – using website builders, web design tools or content management systems (CMS).

Summary: The 6 simple steps to set up a website

  • Step 1: Choose a good website builder (and web host) to set up your website
  • Step 2: Select the kind of website you want to create
  • Step 3: Customize and design your site layout with a free website template
  • Step 4: Add features you need to power your business
  • Step 5: Connect your custom domain name
  • Step 6: Publish your website and go live


Every online business starts with a website. Interestingly, anyone, including you, can quickly create a website from scratch, fast and easy, with no HTML or coding knowledge required.

While it is one thing to first learn the basics of how to make your own website, it takes constant practice and updates to keep up with modern business and design trends to satisfy your website users’ needs and keep your business running.

Hopefully, this detailed step by step guide on how to create a website for beginners helps you create your own website fast and easy.

So, even if what you are asking is “how do I create my first website” or “how do I build a website for my business”, at the end of this website setup tutorial, you should be able to make your own website for any purpose of your choice.

In 2022, you can set up a fully functional website from scratch even if it’s your first time learning how to make a website for your business or brand with no coding knowledge required.

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