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New August View Doorbell Camera: Everything you need to know about the latest video doorbell from August

image of new August view doorbell camera mounted on a wall

August, a top-rated smart home device and smart video doorbell camera manufacturer recently had its cam pro device revisited with a new sleek design, and here is everything we know about it.

Even though the August’s old Doorbell Cam Pro had good features, one of the problem many home owners pointed out was its clunky, square shaped device that really didn’t blend in well on a lot of people’s doorbells.

However, the new August View, now fixes that problem with a svelte new design.

Doorbell Design

For the new design of this smart doorbell device, just like the likes of nests, Zmodo and other top rated video doorbell cameras, it now comes in a long, rectangular design, which should look and work better on door frames. Which by the way is where most home owners tend to like to install their smart video doorbell.


The new august view video doorbell camera comes with a Rechargeable lithium-ion battery 3.6V 6500mAh 23.4Wh and is rated IPX5 for outdoor use with a -20C to +50C operating temperature.

Cool Faceplates to spice things up

August is taking advantage of its two-tone look to give swappable faceplates to consumers. Included with this new model are four metal faceplates which includes;

  • satin nickel
  • satin brass,
  • oil-rubbed bronze
  • midnight gray.

There’s also about four colored faceplates to choose from, ranging from black, blue, red and white, plus you’ll be able to buy other additional faceplates if you wish to change things a little bit.

A Big doorbell button and Chime now added

For the doorbell button, there’s a big old doorbell button with a light around it, just like the ring video doorbell, and a big camera just at the top, with a sensor below it.

Since its a battery powered doorbell camera, there’s an easy to swap rechargeable battery that blends well with Micro USB. Additionally, to cut the stress or dependent on your smartphone to get alerts about who’s at your doorbell, August has added a wireless chime in the box.

August View Smart Doorbell Camera

The camera captures a 1440p image, which is up to 33% more pixels than the Full HD 1080p display on most other smart video doorbells. A noticeable big change to this model is that the View is now wire-free, unlike the Doorbell Cam Pro, which used existing wiring.

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Extra Features Added

Let’s talk about the doorbell smart features, shall we?

Like every other quality doorbell camera, you still get the standard motion alerts when someone wanders in front of your door, which further gives your home security a boost. There’s also an on-demand live streaming, a zoom able video and minimal fish eye, all to make sure that you do not get weird distortions whenever you’re looking back at your video.

Cloud Storage

As with the usual cloud storage, but unlike the old Augusta Doorbell Cam Pro which only has a single plan that come in at $4.99 a month or $49.99 per annum, the new August comes with two cloud storage plans, first of which is the 15 days plan and the other 30 days.

Although we do not know the price for the new cloud storage yet, one thing is for certain: You’re still going to get 24 hours of free storage, of which the video, and any other data, will be stored in August Cloud, which uses two layers of authentication and adheres to GDPR.

August View Doorbell Release Date, Price and Discontinuation

The new August video doorbell went on sale in the early season of 2020. Sadly after, a few months later, the new smart doorbell was discontinued by August. Although there are speculations that a better version would be released, August is yet to make any official statement on that.

Price: as at the time of writing this report, the device is priced at $229.99, which is a little more expensive than the company’s former $200 Doorbell Cam Pro.

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