Software Solutions and Tools

Find the right services and software solutions you need. Integrated software solutions and training for the visualization of data, image processing, business management and academic research.

Solutions for data visualization and image processing

The right software tools and solutions to successfully carry out data analysis, data visualization and image processing the right way without stress.

IDL – Data visualization

IDL is the trusted programming language for data visualization.


ENVI – Image Processing

ENVI is a leading software solution for image processing.

Data Analysis tools and software

Top business data analytics tools for big data analysis.

Solutions for website design and creation

The right software solutions and tools for digital content creations, ranging from tools to start a website, to web design, web hosting services, web presentations and content management systems to grow your business.

Website builder

A website builder is a software that lets you create a website without coding.

web hosting solution

A web hosting is an online service that lets you store your website files on the web.