Localizations and Language Packs for KompoZer

Kompozer is available in several different languages and localizations around the world.

Each language version gives you a unique view and understanding of the KompoZer website and all its related properties such as web authoring tool, website builders, Website hosting as well as guides to help you get your business online and grow fast, all presented in your local tone and language.

With KompoZer language and localization, you do not have to worry about language barrier or locality to use KompoZer, as each language has a unique version of KompoZer tailored particularly towards them.

Kompozer Languages and Localization

To access Kompozer in any of the Kompozer language websites, simply click on your language (if you see it) and you will automatically be taken to the website version of your language for easy access and understanding.

Kompozer is currently offered in the following languages:

  • Spanish – Español.
  • German – Deutsch.
  • Portuguese – Português (do Brasil).
  • French – Français.
  • Russian – Русский.